Top 10 reasons to spend time outdoors and have an outdoor hobby

Top 10 reasons to spend time outdoors and have an outdoor hobby


It's more difficult than ever for us to get outside because of computers, tablets, mobiles, and video games. If we don't spend enough time outside, we can develop diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression that last for a long time. The benefits of an outdoor hobby include spending more time outdoors and improving both our mental and physical health.

So, here are EDISLA's top ten reasons why we should spend time outdoors and have an outdoor hobby. 

  1. Effortlessly reduce stress. Being outdoors can be calming and can help to boost one's spirits, which has a positive effect on the mind and body. For instance, being in nature can help to reduce cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress, which can assist in lowering the risk of stress-related health issues. So if you're feeling stressed, go for a hike—literally!

  2. Develop a strong immune system. Furthermore, time spent outdoors can help to build up your immunity, enabling you to stay healthy and strong. The outdoors can also be a place for us to practice mindfulness, enabling us to manage anxiety and depression more effectively. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can stimulate the production of vitamin D in the skin. Activities outdoors increase vitamin D levels, strengthen bones and increase immunity. 

  3. Become more focused. Fresh air and sunlight can help to improve mental clarity and boost concentration, so make sure you get some outdoor activity every day. The importance of fresh air and sunshine is like a battery charger for the mind. Even a few minutes of exposure can be like supercharging the brain, energizing and refocusing it.

  4. Promote healthy eating. In addition, getting outside can inspire healthier eating habits, since it encourages us to be more mindful about what we put into our bodies. When we spend time outdoors, we're more likely to focus on the fresh air and the beauty of nature. This can make us more mindful of the type of food we choose to eat. Unconsciously, you will reach for an apple rather than a bag of chips. 

  5. Enhance the quality of life. Furthermore, the positive effects of spending time outdoors can be felt beyond physical health, as it also boosts our overall quality of life. Outdoor activities can help build relationships and strengthen family bonds. Just like a bright sunny day can make us feel happier and more alive, outdoor activities can bring a sense of joy and contentment to our lives. 

  1. Weight management is easy. Increased outdoor activity leads to more balanced hormones and improved metabolism, which results in better weight management. For example, a 15-minute walk after dinner can help keep insulin levels balanced and prevent cravings for unhealthy snacks. 

  2. Enhance short-term memory. Furthermore, increased outdoor activity also helps to improve cognitive functioning, resulting in better short-term memory. So when in doubt, just go outside and take a walk — it might help you remember where you left your keys. 

  3. Vision can be improved. In addition, regular physical activity can improve focus and coordination, leading to sharper eye sight. So really, it's like a two-for-one deal — you get your keys back and better eyesight!

  4. Beat Nature Deficit Disorder. It prevents Nature Deficit Disorder. Nature Deficit Disorder is a term coined by Richard Louv to describe the disconnection between us and nature. By encouraging physical activity outdoors, we can become more connected to nature and reap the benefits. So the cure for Nature Deficit Disorder is... more nature. 

  5. Reverse ageing. Live long. Is there anyone who enjoys getting old? Spending more time outdoors can help restore and maintain a youthful state of mind and body, allowing us to feel younger and live longer

    EDISLA wishes you many happy and healthy years to come! Why wait? Develop an outdoor hobby that forces you to enjoy being outside and live a longer, healthier, stress-free life! Even if it's as simple as collecting rocks, it's still a fun way to stay active and live longer!

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