Our Story

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, four friends Kumar, Ravi, Ameer, and Raja found themselves stranded in India after returning from their work abroad as engineers and business professionals. With a shared love for astronomy and outdoors, they were eager to indulge in their hobbies once again. However, they quickly hit a roadblock: the absence of high-quality products in the local market.

Drawing upon their collective experiences overseas, where premium outdoor equipment was readily accessible, the friends resolved to address this gap. Thus, the story of Edisla unfolded—a narrative defined by resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment.

Despite facing unreliable options and dishonest practices from local dealers, the founders of Edisla refused to back down. Even when their attempts to import products encountered obstacles, their resolve only strengthened. They were determined to make premium outdoor products accessible to enthusiasts and professionals in India, regardless of the challenges they faced.

Edisla initially started by importing and reselling high-quality outdoor products from other brands. However, recognizing the limitations of this approach in the long run, they decided to take matters into their own hands and began with outdoor optic products. Leveraging their combined expertise, they embarked on designing and manufacturing their own line of premium products. Their aim? To ensure that individuals in India could enjoy the same level of excellence in outdoor equipment as their counterparts abroad.

Our Firsts

First Team


The Founding Four

at Los Angeles Tech Summit

First Base


Corporate Office

in the laid-back town of Kariapatti

First Prototype


Project A

which took two years of development

First Commencement


Preparing Launch

director inspecting products

First Launch


Astra Telescopes

participating in a photoshoot

First Warehouse


Prime Facilities

for our premium products

First Overseas Office


Colorful Astras

aiming to the outermost reaches

First Expedition


Team Building

amidst the wilderness of TN

First Outreach


Organized by ASI POEC

students observe the sun with an Astra

First Binocs


Launched Apex

binoculars with unparalleled quality

Future First

Igniting Young Minds

to seek beyond limits

Buoyed by our collective experiences abroad, Edisla envisions its potential on a global scale. With a steadfast commitment to delivering professional-grade products that marry affordability with durability, Edisla has emerged as a beacon of quality and reliability.

Today, Edisla stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication, boasting a team of over 20 highly talented individuals. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we operate seamlessly across borders, serving a burgeoning community of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

As Edisla continues to expand its footprint, our core values of excellence, affordability, and longevity remain steadfast. With an unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, Edisla is poised to redefine the outdoor and outer space industry on a global scale.

At Edisla, our journey is far from over. We envision a future filled with exciting possibilities, where our products inspire individuals to venture outdoors and embark on scientific explorations. Join us as we chart a course towards discovery and adventure, shaping the future of exploration and discovery for generations to come.