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Askar 5-in-1 M54 Filter Drawer

Askar 5-in-1 M54 Filter Drawer

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Users are often racked by the task of choosing and matching dazzling filters as well as adapters when it comes to using a filter drawer. It just becomes more confusing for those who are quite new to astrophotography. To solve this problem, Askar introduces a multifunctional filter drawer. The major feature or strength of this filter drawer is its integration of the most marketable filters, telescope and astronomy camera adapters. Users basically don’t need to worry about the related issues anymore with this five-in-one filter installation device.

Assembly Steps:

Users have to follow the certain steps to successfully assembly the Askar filter drawer and put it into the right path to fit the whole optical system:

  1. Take out the main body of Askar filter drawer
  2. Choose a proper camera adapter according to the thread type of your astronomy camera
  3. Fix the camera adapter on the main body with 5 M3×8 countersink screws and wrench of M2
  4. Choose a proper telescope adapter according to the thread type of your telescope
  5. Thread on the telescope adapter
  6. Connect the filter drawer and your telescope
  7. Connect your astronomy camera and the filter drawer
  8. Make sure that these accessories are tightly connected and the whole system has a correct back focus. You can add extra spacers (optional) to reach the required back focus
  9. Choose a proper filter slider according to the filter you are going to use. If it’s a 1.25" or 2" mounted filter, directly thread it onto the filter slider. And if it’s a 31mm, 36mm or 50mm unmounted filter, gently put the filter into the circular groove and superimpose a filter holding ring, fix the holding ring with 3 M2×4 countersink screws and the wrench of M1.27 to securely hold the filter between.
  10. Insert the filter slider into the Askar filter drawer and it’s ready for astrophotography

Askar M54 Filter Drawer installation guideAskar M54 Filter Drawer connection

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